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Worried about losing your fitness progress? Quarantined, bored, and running out of workout ideas? 

Get your hands on BandStrengthwhich will ensure you still meet your summer body goals and that you stick to your new years resolution. With BandStrength™ you can now get ALL of your workouts done from the comfort of your home while maintaining self isolation and social distancing.

BandStrength™ allows you to use your creativity with your workouts, ensures you can target all the muscle groups, and with the availability of the different resistance bands work on your strength! That's right! Step out of quarantine a fitter version of yourself!

What's Included?

  • 5x BandStrength™ bands with a total resistance of 100 lbs (45 Kg). Over 30 weight variations are possible by mixing different bands together.
  • Door Mount which allows bands to be attached to your door. Lat pull downs and Face pulls can easily be achieved.
  • 2x Leg Loops means you can perform hip abduction/extension and a multitude of leg workouts.
  • 2x Foam handles that are super comfortable on your hands and have excellent grip as well.
  • Workout Guide with a list of several workouts that are possible with BandStrength™.
  • Carrying Case that can easily hold all of your equipment while you're on the go.

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